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TOKYO TWIGGY Spring 2022 London - Fashion Channel
Fashion Channel

TOKYO TWIGGY Spring 2022 London - Fashion Channel

TOKYO TWIGGY Spring 2022 London - Fashion Channel Visit and Subscribe to Fashion Channel to find out more! - Visit our Shop: Tokyo Twiggy was created by fashion designer and textile designer, Jenn Felts in 2018. She struggled to find fabrics that fit her vision while at studying at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. Thus began her custom textiles for streetwear brand, Tokyo Twiggy. Tokyo Twiggy provides unique textiles and designs that are focus on style and comfort. ​Jenn Felts won the Indiana Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition in 2019 that was judged by the creator of New York Fashion Week, Fern Mallis. Her designs have been shown in New York Fashion Week, LA fashion Week and across the country and Russia. She has been published in magazines across the country as well as in Italy. Videos, fashion, stylists, models, the biggest fashion events pass by us. Accurate descriptions for every video since 1982 with attention to the smallest details, this is what makes fashion channel the best tool to immerse yourself in the fashion world at 360°. Beauty advices, news, secrets, backstage and exclusive fashion shows are all included within our channel. All videos are available in high resolution formats full HD on the YouTube Fashion Channel. Follow us and our channel if you want to keep up with new trends! #fashion #tokyotwiggy #spring2022 #londonfashionweek
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